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A Glimpse into ‘Flow’: Lisa's Latest Exhibition is a Must-See!

Updated: May 29

Hi everyone,

It's Samara (Lisa's assistant) here, and I'm thrilled to be sharing some insight into her latest exhibition, Flow, currently on display at the stunning Charles Rennie Mackintosh House & Galleries in Northampton!

Having had a front-row seat to the creative process behind these pieces, I can tell you Lisa has poured her heart and soul into this collection, so I urge you to experience it for yourselves.

We spent a lot of time thoughtfully curating the exhibition, allowing each piece to breathe and its unique energy to flow freely. Stepping into "Flow" is like stepping into Lisa's artistic mind. The exhibition takes you on a journey, showcasing new works as well as old favourites all tied together by the through-line concept of flow – that state of complete absorption and effortless action that can sometimes be difficult to access amongst the many distractions of the modern world.

My favourite part of the exhibition is Lisa’s signature oil and cold wax technique. I love to step a little closer to each painting until I can see all the unique ridges, lumps and bumps of colour. This texture tells a story of dedication – long days spent in the studio, meticulously adding layer upon layer until the paintings themselves seem to dance and swirl before your eyes.

Whether Lisa portrays the scales of koi shimmering beneath the water's surface, or the dappled sunlight filtering through a canopy of leaves, there's a constant sense of movement and energy in each piece.

Beyond the visual appeal, Lisa’s work evokes a profound sense of peace and optimism. The joyfulness with which she applies paint celebrates the beauty found in everyday moments.

If you're seeking an exhibition that will leave you feeling uplifted, then "Flow" is a must-see. Lisa's unique style and ability to capture the essence of movement and light is truly remarkable. I sincerely hope you don't miss this opportunity to experience her work for yourself!

"Flow" runs until June 29th, 2024. Opening hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 10am to 4.30pm (closed Mondays).  For more information, you can visit Lisa's website or contact the Charles Rennie Mackintosh House directly ( or 01604 603407).

All art is for sale so feel free to get in contact (email: with purchasing enquiries or to book a private exhibition walkthrough with Lisa.

P.S. If you can't see the exhibition in person, you can view the exhibition catalogue & short film here.

Have you visited the Flow exhibition?

  • Yes - It's a must-see!

  • Not yet - But I'm planning my visit as we speak!

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1 Comment

May 29

Looking forward to visiting very soon

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