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Still life

‘Still Life’ will be my winter occupation. It’s something I want to work on along the lines of ‘The Breakfast Surprise’. Putting together unexpected still lives, which raise eyebrows and start conversations!

I took  'Breakfast Surprise' to Chelsea Town Hall when I did my first art fair years ago and it was certainly a conversation starter! Many people asked me what it meant and had their own theories too. My friend overheard a conversation about it right on the other side of the hall!

I think it was U2 that wrote a song about being 'stuck in a moment'. That idea has stayed with me since the first time I heard it & a 'still life' to me  doesn't have to be just some objects on a table. ( Having said that, my butterfly plans are just beginning & are a long term project!)


 To me, 'Still Life' is also that moment when you want the world to just hold still so you can remember that moment for ever.


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