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The roses outside my back door run along an old shoulder height wall and in the winter they are pruned back severely. I sometimes think they will never recover. But year after year they outdo themselves! They are glorious!

One of the themes that seems to run through my work is the desire to put colour into things that are white. If they still come across as being white to the viewer then I have succeeded. I have always loved white roses, their purity and beauty, the way they, if you look carefully, reflect the colours around them


I completed the rose paintings below on a feeling. It was the feeling of complete joy they give me, with their elegant stems and array of shades within the white petals and buds full of potential. These stems climb high above the wall so that I have to peek through them to see the rest of my garden- I think they call it ‘viewing life through rose tinted spectacles’. Fine by me! 

More recently I have developed a passion for lavender and paint it as often as I can.

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