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Koi Carp

‘My koi studies evolved from a moment in 2016 when I found myself staring into a koi pool in Myanmar. 

The beauty of the movement of the koi in the sunlit pool and what I saw & felt there stayed with me. 


As life and all its complexities continued I found myself returning to this vision in my mind. It represented so much to me. 


The sunlight was hope, always hope, the turbulence in the water, life’s challenges. The dark ominous shadows of the side of the pool, refracted, disturbed, broken by the movement of the surface tension of the water. The changes to the colours of the koi as they are distorted by the light & turbulence. The richness of their colours as they find space to swim free. 


There are so many messages about life within these paintings if you are prepared to stand and stare as I did in Myanmar - how our actions affect each other and the environment we are in. 


Ripples, at first disturbing & distorting, affecting everything, in time will pass’

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